Seven Secrets for Successful Leadership is a half-day workshop for corporate executives and senior managers that provides you with seven clear, implementable leadership concepts and tools for intentional change. Hosted by the dynamic Balaji Krishnamurthy, participants are encouraged to develop their own unique brand and culture, leaving energized to take immediate action.

The 7 Secrets


Let other leaders inspire you, don't let them define you.

Be intentional about developing your own, unique style of leadership, and discover what makes up your Leadership Agenda.


Change the rules of the game.

Question the daily ‘rules of the game' by considering how you would do it differently. Then, do it your way.


Focus on questions, answers will follow.

The role of a leader isn't to have all the answers, but rather to ask the right questions. Facilitate the approach, so the team makes the most informed decision.


Embrace controversy, beware of consensus.

Consensus is a road to mediocrity. To avoid this pitfall, emphasize clarity of positions over consensus of thought. Ensure that 1/2 of your staff disagrees with you on most major decisions.


Bet on horses, not races.

Don't fill pre-defined job descriptions with suitable people; Hire the best people and give them the right set of jobs to do.


Use hierarchy to execute, use anarchy to innovate.

Execution requires order, hierarchy, structure and results; Innovation is stifled by those very attributes. Both hierarchy and anarchy are needed for success.


Focus on selling the business, not running the business.

Focus on creating increased (financial and non-financial) balance sheet assets for the company; annual results will follow.

What People Are Saying

Franklin Holtforster

"The content has, for me, application across the entire company, across my leadership team, it's provided a framework for looking at how we perform as leaders." - Franklin Holtforster, Founder & President | MHPM Project Managers, Inc

Jo-Anne Poirier

"We implemented the idea of intentionality by making sure that it is part of our language and our discussions at the management table. We make sure that we step back and ask ourselves "is this the most intentional way that we can do it?" - Jo-Anne Poirier, Chief Executive Officer | Ottawa Community Housing

Cliff Youdale

"What I really enjoy about Balaji's presentations is that he knows what he's talking about, that he is a real person, that he's had successes and he's made mistakes, and what he's teaching you is based on those realities" - Cliff Youdale, Executive Director, Asset Management | Ottawa Community Housing

Dr. Balaji Krishnamurthy

Dr. Balaji Krishnamurthy has been recognized by TIME, CNN, Wall Street Journal and other national publications for his unique and innovative style of corporate leadership. TIME magazine included him in their list of 25 Global Business Influentials for his influence on corporate leadership.

He is an operating executive with over 32 years of experience and is known for building an intentional culture within organizations that promotes empowerment, and logical and critical thinking.

With an incisive intellect and engaging communication style, coupled with an extensive background in science and technology, Dr. Krishnamurthy has become known for innovative, metric-based solutions to business challenges.

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Dr. Balaji Krishnamurthy

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